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MARS teaM Formation Section

General Information:

  • This is the begining of the team race section for MARS. Changes to this section are expected throughout the year.
  • Only MARS members are eligible for teaM formation! If you are not a MARS member, you can join MARS, and then become part of the team formation, by contacting us or logging into your MARS account to obtain information needed to join the MARS team. .
When you login, you have access to the following information:
  • You can find out who is on the team and how many people.
  • You can post comments related to team formation to other MARS people.
2018 teaM Formation:
Crazylegs Classic MARS teaM formation section - Race starts 04/28/2018

[This is team formation only, and is not a registration method directly associated with Crazylegs]
Currently formation is OPEN for Crazylegs. People can join in at any time up until April 17 2PM
When you form a team for Crazylegs, in addition to an individual registrant, you get the following:
  1. A commemorative hat.
  2. When your are part of the MARS team you get 1 point added to your totals, and we will have the team plaque on display at following races.
  3. An option will be given to be featured on our athlete section of the website. More details will be announced via email.
  4. Other items only mentioned via email as of the present time.
  5. Items 1 is according to what was last noticed by MARS, and no warranty for the accuracy of these items displayed here on this "page" is implied by MARS or the Crazylegs Classic and any parties associated with them. The information provided here is for your reference only, and may not reflect the most current information available.
How to join the MARS teaM: go to your account login, then login, then select the "Team Formation"->"Crazylegs teaM Formation" options.

  1. If you have already registered for the Crazylegs Classic by any method (individual or team), we are sorry that you will NOT be able to join the MARS team, but we do appreciate those who let us know they registered for Crazylegs by filling out the form (when you are logged in). Do not contact Crazylegs about backing out of any existing registrations you have with them. Wait for the next team race to occur.
  2. If you have NOT already registered for Crazylegs, you CAN join the MARS team by following these steps below!
  1. Fill out the form online by logging in and selecting "Team Formation"->"Crazylegs teaM Formation". You may be asked to update your password and security questions before you can view any menues, and if so, follow the instructions to do so, then log back in with your new password and select the team formation options.
  2. A team captain will be picked.
  3. Wait until we announce the team captain and signal everyone (it has been given) (see below) to register with Crazylegs. We will let everyone know well before the early registration cutoff time of April 17th for Fun and Fitness teams. In order to make a team, we must have at least 10 people. In the event that we do not get 10 or more people well before the early cutoff time for early registration (04/17/2018...please try to coordinate with us by 04/08/2018), we will notify everyone so they have a chance to still register themselves for early registration as individuals.
  4. Register with Crazylegs after we have given the signal .
  5. Packet pickup will be by appointment instead of the Crazylegs area (you cannot pick up your packet at any of the crazylegs designated areas). Location is west side of madison or near capital building..
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