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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas

Madison Area Running Series (MARS) Participant Related Information
  • Athletes: Our featured athletes and some of our existing athletes.
  • Awards: Awards for all years. See the awards section on the news page for awards winners.
  • MARS Login: Account login for members that have registered in the past.
  • Rankings: This section contians scoring for MARS participants.
  • Register: How to register for the series.
  • Rules: Rules for point assignements reflected in the Rankings.
  • Team: Races that are team races, and information about forming teams.
  • Local Activities: Some links for local organizations and clubs and some information about their activites.

About the organization and how it is made possible
  • About: The development of the series since the begining, and the basics of the series.
  • Contributors: Sponsors and other organizations that make the series possible.

Events: This section contains a listing of all the events in the series.

Home: This is our homepage with the latest news, and a MARS event calendar summary

News: This section contains all news since 01/01/2007

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