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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas

Rules for 2010
12/30/2009-List of Rules for 2010 Started
  • Section 5 changes/additions: The scoring for events with more than one race on the given day that start at different times is subject to certain constraints for this year. Instead of full participation points being awarded for participantion in multiple races on the same event day(s), this year full participation points may only be awarded for one of the races. See section 5 for details
    • Freeze for food multi race scoring is now 3 points for an additional event that has been participated in.
End of changes---------------

Current Rules for 2010:
Definitions: Event: a contest with one or more races
Race: a running subcontest within the day of the event
1. Finish/Participation Points (5 points)
a. Will be awarded to those who complete the entire race by use of bodily functions that act as direct propulsions with respect to the ground. Some examples of these bodily functions are the following: walking, running, crawling, hand walking, galloping, skipping, etc. Examples of some indirect propulsion with respect to the ground: rollerblading.
b. Will be awarded to series participants only. If registration into the series occurs after participation in a series event, participation points will be awarded so long as the registration is received by the MARS committee before the last race for that series year.
c. Will be awarded to volunteers for a MARS race who notify MARS via email, hard copy, or volunteers that are acknowledged by MARS officials.
d. Will typically be awarded for races with a distance of 1500m or greater. However, in some cases exceptions may apply. Only those races listed as participation or full points races are guaranteed points. Only those races listed in the exceptions will grant full participation points for more than one race on that day(s).
2. Competitive Points (up to 5 points)
a. Will be awarded to the first five participants in a given gender and age group. The first participant for a given gender and age group will be awarded 5 points, and the points will decrease thereafter as such: 5 (1st), 4 (2nd), 3 (3rd), 3 (4th), 2 (5th), 2 (6th), 2 (7th), 1 (8th), 1 (9th), 1 (10th), 1 (11th), 0(12th and higher).
b. Subject to the same constraints in 1a. In general who ever "finishes first gets first by however method limited to 1a." Examples: walker finishes ahead of runner-> walker is scored ahead of runner; runner finishes ahead of walker-> runner is scored ahead of walker.
c. If registration occurs after the day of an event, competitive points for that event will not be awarded.
3. Categorization of Participants
a. Place is separated by gender and age only. The age groups are the same for each gender. Participants will only compete against other participants with the same gender and age group.
b. The participants age on July 1st is used for classification into the age group for the entire year.
c. Age groups: 4 and under, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80 and over. Although age groups typically remain the same, the ranges may change depending on the amount of people in a given group. These age groups would most typically be for the 20 and below groups where differences in physical potential vs. age are quite different.
d. Divisions (gender): Male and Female. Divisions are used for award purposes only and do not affect points.
4. Requirements for acceptance to the year-end ceremonies
a. The participant must complete at least three MARS races.
b. Participants winning their division are ineligible for age group awards. The age group awards will roll down to the next-highest place finisher.
c. Only the participant's top 12 races will count towards year-end competitive totals.
d. Ties will be decided by head-to-head competition races (i.e. races that were in common attendance by the participants). MARS will go back and check places, if necessary as an added resort, if a tie based solely on head-to-head competition cannot be resolved.
5. Exceptions
a. In some races, it is possible to run more than one MARS races on the day of the event. The events in which points for more than one race are granted are shown below. All other races are excluded.
i. The Freeze for Food run scoring is as follows
1. Both the 5k and 10k include finish points, but if a participant runs both races, a total of 8 participation points are awarded instead of 10.
2. The 10k (only) includes competitive points.
ii. The MATC Turkey Trot scoring is as follows
1. Both the 5k and 5 mile include finish points, but if a participant runs both races, a total of 8 participation points are awarded instead of 10.
2. The 5 mile (only) includes competitive points.
b. Lake Monona scoring will be done on an age-gender-graded basis, which is the same process that is used in determining final awards for this run (see and the 2006 WAVA table at The new lake Monona site is at Lake Monona reserves the right to change their scoring procedures, and likewise MARS may adopt any new procedures they might use. The information provided here is for reference only.
i. All entered runners will receive 5 participation points.
ii. In addition to these 5 points, and on an age-gender-graded basis, the top 10 MARS finishers will receive 5 points, the next 10 thereafter will receive 4 points, ...3 points, ...2 points, ...1 point. If there are any further questions about age-gender-graded scoring please refer to the contacts on the Lake Monona Run website.
c. MARS phantoms: those who wish to voluntarily participate in the series, but do not affect the scoring of others in the series. These runners do not affect or receive year-end awards. With approval from the MARS committee, participants can become phantoms at any given time; however, once phantom status is declared, it must be maintained for the rest of the year. All previous races for the year will scored with phantom status once declared. Possible examples are given below.
i. MARS coordinators.
ii. Elite/faster than average runners who wish to promote fitness and give other runners recognition.
6. Disclaimer. The above rules (1-5) are subject to amendment and modification. We have not accounted for wheel chair participants at this time; however, once we have received a request from a participant, a wheelchair division will be added. Please feel free to contact us about the rules.


series: Madison Area Running Series

By registering for the Madison Area Running Series, I understand that this DOES NOT include registration for the individual events and is not in anyway related to the series calendar of events. The series registration entitles me to Rankings against my competitors in the series 2009 Calendar of events.

General Waiver
I understand that running is a potentially hazardous activity. I shouldn't enter the series or any of its events that are directly or indirectly associated with series unless I'm medically able and properly trained. I assume all risks associated with participating in these events. Having read this waiver and accepting my entry, I, for myself or anyone entitled to act on behalf, waive and release the series, its staff, its volunteers, and those otherwise associated with the series from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event.

In addition, I give the series permissions to post any media that may involve myself in any way from information that the series and its affiliates and its affiliated events has collected for all past, present, and future occurrences. These types of media for display may include, but are not limited to pictures, descriptions, and news. The types of information collection may include, but is not limited to pictures, interviews, and transferable documentation.

Privacy Policy
The series uses the information you provide for "internal" use only, in the event that we need to contact you about your registration or provide MARS offerings, and MARS status emails (if you specifically opted in). The series will not distribute your information to any other party.
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