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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas

List of Events for 2012

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# Day Date Name LocationFull Points Partial PointsStarting Time
1Sun 01/01/2012 New Years Day Dash Middleton, WI 5 miles 1 mile kids 2 miles walk 1 mile kids at 10:30AM
5mi run/2mi walk at 11:00AM
2Sat 01/21/2012 Freeze for Food Madison, WI 10k 5k 5k at 12:00PM
10k at 1:00PM
3Sat 02/11/2012 Valentines 5k Madison, WI 5k  11:00am
4Sun 03/04/2012 * 50 Furlong Paoli, WI 6.25 miles  11:30AM
5Sat 04/07/2012 Black Earth Black Earth, WI 10 miles 2 miles 10:00AM
6Sat 04/28/2012 Crazylegs Classic ** Madison, WI 8k run | 8k Wheel 2 mile walk 9:45AM Wheelchair
10:00AM 8k run
10:00AM 2 mile walk
7Sat 05/05/2012 Lake Monona Monona, WI 20k 5k 9:00am
8Sat 06/23/2012 Strawberry Fest Sun Prairie, WI 10k 5k, 1 mile 8:00AM for all races
9Thu 07/12/2012 WTC Track Series 3k ** Madison, WI 3k only 1mi 5:30PM Field events
6:00PM Running events
7:10PM estimated for 1mi
8:05PM estimated for 3k
10Sun 07/22/2012 Capitol Mile Madison, WI 1 mile  3:00PM for runs
11Sat 08/11/2012 Depot to Depot Black Earth, WI 5 miles  8:05am
12Mon 08/13/2012 * Jerrys Race ** Verona, WI 10k gold cup road 5k gold cup | 2mi | 5k Team 9:00AM 5k 10k
9:15AM 2mi
13Sat 09/01/2012 Cow Chip Classic Prairie du Sac, WI 10k 5k 8:00am
14Sun 09/30/2012 Huffin for Habitat Madison, WI 5k run 3k walk 10:30AM
15Sat 10/20/2012 Ghoulish Gallop Madison, WI 5k 10k 8:30am
16Sun 10/21/2012 Fall 15k Madison, WI 15k 15k relay 9:00am
17Sun 11/04/2012 Madison Turkey Trot  Madison, WI 5 miles 5k 5k at 10:00AM
5 miles at 11:00AM
18Thu 11/22/2012 Berbee Derby ** Fitchburg, WI 10k 5k 9:00AM
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**Indicates race information has not been completely verified

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Race Number6
NameCrazylegs Classic
NoticeThis information shown should be up to date, but will be 100% verified soon.
Info Verified Not all information shown has been verified!
Team CompetitionThis is a MARS teaM race. Please login to your MARS account to join the MARS teaM for this race.
Distances8k run | 8k Wheelchair | 2 mile Walk
Distance Full Points8k run | 8k Wheel
Distance Part Points2 mile walk
Location LandmarkCapitol Square-Madison
LocationPacket pickup [dependent upon chosen pickup location that you selected]

Kohl Center
601 W. Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53715
- Friday, April 27th from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
- Saturday, April 28th from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Best Buy
7357 West Towne Way, Madison, WI 53719
- Friday, April 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Best Buy
2452 East Springs Dr. East Town, Madison, WI 53704
- Friday, April 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Onsite registration available.

8k race start (subject to slight change):
Run: 1 S. Pinckney St.
Walk: State st./N Carroll St.
Madison, WI 53703

2 mile walk race start (Corner of State St. and W Mifflin St.):
99 N Carroll St.
Madison, WI 53703
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Packet pickup: 
8k race start: 
2 mile walk: 
Course MapThese maps may get updated:
Day Registration Time7:00AM to 9:00AM
Early Registration Web LinkIf you want to join the MARS teaM, please see the team section and do not register yet.

Individual [early registration ends 04/08 midnight] and Fun & Fitness [registration stops on 04/16 4PM]:

WIAA high school athletes, please read the registration restrictions at:
Hard Copy RegistrationIf you want to join the MARS teaM, please see the team section and do not register yet.
Start Time9:45AM Wheelchair
10:00AM 8k run
10:00AM 2 mile walk
DirectorNational W Club
Director Phone Day [608] 261 -5347
Director Phone Evening [608] 261 -5347
Director Email
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