Madison Area Running Series
Race Summary

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# Day Date Name LocationFull Points Partial PointsStarting Time
1Fri 01/01/2021 * New Years Day Dash ** Middleton, WI 5 miles 2 miles walk 5mi run/2mi walk at 10:00AM
2Mon 02/08/2021 * Valentines 5k ** Madison, WI 5k  11:00am
3Sat 03/06/2021 Freeze for Food - Virtual Madison, WI 5k  5k at any time of day 0:00AM

4Sun 03/28/2021 * 50 Furlong ** Paoli, WI 6.25 miles  11:30AM
5Sun 04/04/2021 * Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic Run - Postponed ** Black Earth, WI 10 miles 2 miles run/walk 10:00AM
6Sun 04/25/2021 * Crazylegs Classic ** Madison, WI 8k run 2 mile walk 10:00AM 8k run
10:00AM 2 mile walk
7Sun 05/02/2021 * Lake Monona ** Monona, WI 20k 5k 9:00am
8Fri 06/11/2021 * WTC Track Series 3k ** Oregon, WI 3k only  5:30PM Field events
6:00PM Running events
7:20PM estimated for 3k
No 1mile event for this day
9Sun 06/20/2021 * Strawberry Fest-Run ** Sun Prairie, WI 10k 5k 5k_Bike 8:00AM for 5k and 10k
9:30AM for kids 50yd and 100yd
10Sun 07/04/2021 * July 4th Runs **  Participation Only Varies 7:15AM
(varies based on whatever race your choose)
11Tue 08/10/2021 * Depot to Depot (Black Earth Field Days) -No Points ** Black Earth, WI No Points No Points TBA
12Sun 09/05/2021 * Cow Chip Classic ** Prairie du Sac, WI 10k Run 5k Run/Walk 8:00am
13Sun 10/03/2021 * Indian Lake Trail Run ** Cross Plains, WI 10k  9:00AM
14Mon 10/25/2021 * Fall 15k ** Madison, WI 15k 15k relay 9:00am
15Mon 11/01/2021 * Madison Turkey Trot ** Madison, WI 5k  Kids 1/4 mile 9:30AM
5k at 10:00AM
*Indicates race date is approximate
**Indicates race information has not been completely verified