Madison Area Running Series
50 Furlong Results
50 Furlong Tentative Results - Please let us know if you are missing from the results or any other errors.
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Zachery Redding410:38:21
Jeff Durbin560:43:44
Greg Isom400:45:45
Christopher Westby410:46:17
Andy Pohl390:46:26
Fido Whistle560:46:30
Neil Ramford490:47:11
Tom Franklin490:48:57
Charles Verhere550:49:43
Tom Alesia530:52:05
Paul Frisch260:52:19
Nicholas Shefte350:53:12
Duane Sowards350:53:36
Chris Hanna310:54:47
Raphael Lo480:54:55
Freud Smoth300:56:51
Timothy Moermond500:57:44
Tim Haines530:58:34
Billy Maybee631:00:25
Dave Garfoot631:00:26
Patrick Mousseau571:03:22
Cary Segall691:04:05
Joshua Turner451:06:37
Morgan Wochinski270:50:07
Lori Roth380:57:11
Michelle Vic290:59:18
Sandy Xiong250:59:49
Lara Mrak351:05:25
Cathy Freddit621:09:10
Joan Brennan541:09:10
Lynn Weinberger411:24:50

Other Participants:
Janet Hagen690:54:42
Susan Skinner520:54:42
Dominic Roth39***TBD