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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas

Registration for 2015 - Now Open
Basics for 2015

We very much appreciate those participants who register as early as possible to help MARS planning and reduce congestion.

Registration methods for new members [online registrations up until 5PM CST/CDT on a race day will be accepted and awarded points for that day]:

Registration methods for existing members: Existing members can additionally use their MARS Account.

Membership Basics. It is easy to become a member and membership is free! New this year: another series will run in parallel with the classic series. The official name will be released soon and all members are automatically included when they register for the 2015 year. Just follow the instructions below for registration. In order to get membership advantages, which includes: awards, your point (see the rules) totals tabulated, and other advantages, register using the methods shown below.

Responsibilities of being a Member. There aren't any responsibilities other than to register each year and to get outdoors and have fun! You can run any races in the series and your points will be automatically tabulated in the rankings. There is no need to inform us or the race directors about any events you attend. MARS handles all the responsibility by awarding points for each race, where we pick out MARS members from the overall results in each race, and provide MARS members with essential race information for each race.

Benefits of being a Member. You get full access to all information about our races. Anyone is allowed to browse our pages for race information, but as a MARS member you also receive indications about the upcoming MARS races to keep you on trajectory, and receive info about offerings at MARS races. As a member you also get to see your progress in the rankings and get a chance to receive awards or door prizes. Being a member opens you up to a community of other runners and helps keep your fitness goals on track. Anyone within this community of runners desiring to join teams for races that have team scoring, MARS will help form teams! In addition, MARS will be offering more services online to MARS members only.

Registration Timeline. As of January 1st, Registration for 2015 is open. New members can register at any time; however, only participantion points will be awarded for races that occured prior to signing up.

Registration Methods. There are four ways to register for the Madison Area Running Series:
  1. Download the hard copy 2015 registration form, and bring it to one of the races.
  2. Register for free using your existing MARS account if you were a previous MARS participant. If you are unsure how to login or have lost some of your login info, contact us. Previous participants can always register using the paper registration form above, however, we do encourage you to register online since initiating your account will allow you to access services (more coming in the near future) in excess of registation and will help get you into our system more quickly. All particpants who registered (using any method) during any of the prior years of MARS have their own MARS account. New members will know their registration has been received and that their MARS account has been created when they receive the first MARS status email or in some cases a registration confirmation notice.
  3. Register Online as a new member.
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