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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas


Progress Tracking. Progress for MARS members is tracked on this page where points for each competitor in each event in the series is shown. After each race, points and point totals are automically tabulated in each of the two sections below.

The Basics of the Rankings. Your point totals are affected only by your placement against the other MARS members in your age group. The number of points for a given race starts at a maximum of 10 points and then declines. In some cases it is possible to receive more than 10 points when there are multiple races that occur at different times on a given day. People who sign for MARS after a race that they attended will receive 5 points only. People who are not signed up for MARS do not affect the rankings. See the Rules Page for more details.

Rankings and Awards. Regardless of the number of people in a given age group (even if there are three people in that age group), awards will be granted to the top three people in a given age group. Running at least three races allows you to meet the minimum requirements for awards. This 2014 year, the best 12 races will count against your competitors.

Types of Rankings. Find your progress and your competitors progress by looking at the different types of rankings: 1) Selectable Rankings (NEW) which provides a specific age group and gender selection, and 2) Classic Rankings which contains all age groups and divisions points with graphical plot links.

MARS Members who were registered for 2012 and have not signed up for 2013, will eventually get dropped! Please sign back up now.

1) Selectable Rankings.
Select an age group, gender, and year here then hit "go" OR view all age group rankings by selecting the year then hit "Show all by Age Group"
You can then, view, print, or download the table that displays

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Hey...what happened to this page? Let me view the Classic Rankings for which I am mostly familiar.

2) Classic Rankings for all years
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