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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas

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Your MARS account allows you to register and acccess other MARS services after activation.
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Activate your account if this is the first time you are attempting access.
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Access and Explanation in three steps for accessing your account

Those who have access to MARS accounts:
  • Participants. All particpants who registered (using any method) during any of the prior years of MARS (starting with 2004) have their own MARS account. New members will know their registration has been received and that their MARS account has been created when they receive their first MARS status email or in some cases an email specifically regarding a registration confirmation notice. If you have not registered, then you are NOT a current member and will NOT have access to a MARS account.
  • Race Directors. Only those race directors who have received communications from us with specific instructions about activating their account will be able to activate and use their account.
  • Coordinators. Restrictions apply. Please contact the appropriate person before using your account.
The three steps to accessing your account
  • Step 1: Active your account if you are an existing member by going to the account activation section. Follow the on-screen directions, and after you successfully enter your information, follow the next set of on-screen instructions and check the email address you most recently had on file with MARS if asked. If an email was sent your address that MARS had on file, it should arrive typically within 10 minutes.
  • Step 2: Use the login and temporary password supplied to login to your account. The login name you are first assigned is permanent and cannot be changed. Follow the on screen instructions to change your password after logging in with your temprorary password. Follow any links supplied, or Log out.
  • Step 3: You are now set to access your account with your login name and new password. The login screen can always be reached by going to the "Go to my account login" link above.
If you are still lost or are experiencing trouble you can't seem to resolve...

We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us.

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