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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas

Content IndicatorRankings Updated After Valentines 5k
 - The Rankings have been updated after the Valentine's 5k

[02/12/2017 23:55:06]

Content IndicatorRankings Now Final for 2015 and 2016
 - The rankings are now final for 2015 and 2016. Standby for Awards Ceremony announcements.

[02/04/2017 15:27:31]

Content IndicatorBlack Earth 10mi/2mi
 - Details becoming available for Black Earth 10 mile / 2 mile. Also, see Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic web site.

[01/19/2017 00:13:05]

Content IndicatorMARS teaM formation has Started for Crazylegs Classic
 - We're building the annual team for Crazylegs Classic. MARS teaM formation has officially started!

[01/15/2017 20:49:22]

Content Indicator2017 Rankings Updated
 - The Rankings have been updated after the NYDD. Participants still have till the end of January to register and get full points for this event. Those who are new members that mailed in their registration have not yet been processed.

[01/15/2017 19:45:01]

Content IndicatorRankings Updated
 - The 2016 Rankings have been posted/updated. A notice via email about the 2015 and 2016 Rankings will be going out soon. Let's get ready for the awards ceremony.

[01/10/2017 12:32:34]

Content Indicator2017 Registration Started
 - Registration for 2017 has started.

[01/01/2017 17:15:20]

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Calendar of Events

12 days 2 hours 24 minutes until the next race^ as of 02/20/17 9:36AM CST
Next race is Freeze for Food on Sat 03/04/2017
^This is the first event that occurs on the given race day, which occurs on or before the MARS event for that day.
# Day Date Name MARS Event
1Sun 01/01/2017 New Years Day Dash 5 miles
2Sat 02/11/2017 Valentines 5k 5k
3Sat 03/04/2017 Freeze for Food 10k
4Sat 03/18/2017 50 Furlong 6.25 miles
5Sat 04/01/2017 Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic 10 miles
6Sat 04/29/2017 Crazylegs Classic 8k run
7Sat 05/06/2017 Lake Monona 20k
8Sat 06/17/2017 * Strawberry Fest 10k
9Thu 07/13/2017 * WTC Track Series 3k 3k only
10Sun 07/23/2017 * Capitol Mile 1 mile
11Sat 08/12/2017 * Depot to Depot 5 miles
12Sat 09/02/2017 * Cow Chip Classic 10k Run
13Sun 10/15/2017 * Fall 15k 15k
14Sun 11/05/2017 Madison Turkey Trot  5 miles
*Indicates race date is approximate
For more detailed race information visit the Events page.
Recent Activities

  • Freeze for Food date is confirmed at March 4th 2017 (used to be held in Jan in prior years), held by the RPCVs of madison, will continue to be part of the 2017 series.
    We would also like to inform people of a new event "Freeze for Peace" (not part of the series...see madison wi columbia support network) on Jan 28th for those looking for a new race in January.
  • Black Earth 10mi/2mi for 2017: Is rolling this year. Also, see Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic web site. The race is on April 1st 2017. We are possibly looking for volunteers. Contact us.
  • [Feb 4th 2017]The 2016 Rankings and 2015 Rankings are now final. Standby for the Awards Ceremony.
  • MARS teaM formation is happening now for Crazylegs Classic
  • New Participants, there is still time to Register till the end of January and get Full points for the New Years Day Dash.

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