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Madison Area Running Series is a series of run/walk events in Madison, WI and its surrounding areas


This page gives some information about the awards offerings and the ceremony time and locations. Awards have been given to the top 6 people in each age group, and will continue to do so for the 2017 year!

Eligibility for Awards. Running at least three races allows you to meet the minimum requirements for awards. Those who have at least three races can attend the awards and receive door prizes even if they are not receiving award (trophy). For 2009 and later the best 12 races will count against your competitors just like in previous years and awards to the top six in each age group have been given. 2017 awards may be slightly different, but we expect the overall and top three to places to be quite similar.

For information about the awards winners and other awards related info visit the News section.

Awards for 2015-2016
The 2015-2016 Awards ceremony will be on April 1st 3:30PM sharp (meeting room opens at 3:15PM) at the Middleton Public Library Archer meeting room. The awards ceremony will start with free race entries, move on to the age group awards, and then end at 4:20PM. Obivously, no food or drink in the library.

[03/15/2017] The awards location will be the Middleton Public Library Archer Meeting Room located at 7425 Hubbard Ave., Middelton, WI 53562

[02/09/2017] Official announcement: awards recipients declared for 2015-2016 year. See 2015 Year Awards Recipients and 2016 Year Awards Recipients. Remember: anyone who participated in at least three races, can attend the awards and have a chance at a door prize. You can also check the Rankings for details for the 2015 year and the 2016 year.
Awards for 2014
The 2014 awards Ceremony will be on April 27th 2015 7PM at Travis's apartment. The location is on the West side of Madison Near Mineral Point and High Points Road at 7638 Carrrington Dr APT C, Madison, WI 53719. See notes below about parking (you cannot park on carrington)
The 2014 awards winners have been announced, and similarly you can also check the current 2014 Rankings.

The pictures of the 2014 actual awards trophies are posted here.

The awards and prizes for the 2014 year will be not only similar but better than prior years awards that continues to include the top 6 people in each age group that have completed at least three events.

2014 MARS Awards
MARS 2014 Awards Size

Location Map and Parking (nominal) (zoomed):
DO NOT proceed up Carrington Dr. to park! Only park on Donofrio and S High points road, or the parking lot across the road from the intersection of Donofrio and Carrington!

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Awards for 2013 - created 02/08/2014 7:31PM

The awards and prizes for the 2013 year will be similar to prior years awareds to include the top 6 people in each age group that have completed at least three events. The awards ceremony will start on Feb 27th 2011 7:30PM CST for the 2013 year performances. The location is scheduled for the West side of Madison at Fleet Feet Sports Madison, 8440 Old Sauk Rd.

The awards winners will officially be posted here, but you can check the current 2013 Rankings.

Please note (updated 04/19/2013): MARS exploration for the 2011 and 2012 years will be held as a separate awards ceremony. It will be at least some weeks (possibly months) before the ceremony will be held and results released.
Awards for 2012 competition - updated 05/13/2013

The awards and prizes for the 2012 year will be similar to the prior years awards. To be announced by end of 04/16/2013:
  • People can pick up their awards at Lake Monona if they cannot make it to the awards ceremony. Additionally, trophies will be available at other races.
  • Based on feedback and practicality, we have chosen Thursday May 16 at 7PM at Madison Public Library location: 733 N High Point Rd, Madison, WI.

MARS exploration will have a separate awards ceremony. The 2012 awards winners can be found here.

The pictures of prior years trophies can be found here. The 2012 competition trophies are similar.
Awards for 2011 competition - updated 04/19/2013

See the 2012 awards for planned dates times and locations. This ceremony will be held in conjunction with the 2012 awards. The 2011 awards winners can be found here. The awards and prizes for the 2011 year will be similar to the 2010 awards. However, there will also be additional awards for the MARS exploration (details to be released later).

2011 Awards - Picture of Trophies
The pictures of prior years trophies can be found here. The 2011 competition trophies will be similar.
Awards for 2010 - updated 02/02/2011 11:18PM

The awards and prizes for the 2010 year will be similar to the 2008 and 2009 awards. The awards ceremony will start on Feb 10th 2011 7:15PM CST for the 2010 year performances. The location is scheduled for the West side of Madison at Fleet Feet Sports Madison, 8440 Old Sauk Rd.

The awards winners are posted here
The pictures of trophies can be found here. The 2010 trophies will be similar.

Awards for 2009 - updated 12/19/2009 7:05PM | 12/30/2009 9:50PM

The awards and prizes for the 2009 year will be similar to the 2008 awards. The awards ceremony will start on Jan 20th 2010 7:30PM CST for the 2009 year performances. The location is scheduled for the West side of Madison at Fleet Feet Sports.

THe awards winners can be seen here
The 2010 schedule is expected to be similar to the 2009 schedule. The initial MARS 2010 schedule (ony complete for the first three events) is shown below.

# Day Date Name MARS EventRegister Online
1Thu 01/01/2010 New Years Day Dash 5 miles 1 mile kidsRegister Online
2Sat 01/23/2010 Freeze for Food 10kRegister Online
3Sat 02/13/2010 Valentines 5k 5kRegister Online

Awards for 2008 - 11/21/2008 7:15PM
Pictures of the Awards Ceremony are available in your MARS account. Unfortunately, we missed the majority of the award winners, but we were still able to get about 20 pictures of people.

For those people who could not attend the awards ceremony, trophies can be picked up at races by letting us know ahead of time that you will be picking up your award.

Awards Ceremony Original Details:
Date/Time: Friday November 21st 7:15PM -- as a result of popular demand.
Location (Notice: this is a NEW LOCATION):
RMT Inc.
744 Heartland TRL
Madison, WI 53717
  • Take OLD SAUK ROAD west of Highway 12.
  • Go through 3 stop lights after you first get off/pass the beltline. When you pass Fleet Feet (on the right), you will notice Heartland Trail is the first road on the right.
  • Take a right on to Heartland Trail.
  • RMT will be the second building on the left.
  • Take the first left onto Deming Way.
  • Take the first entrance into parking lot.
  • Entrance is in the corner of the building.

  • Gather food
  • Give out awards
  • Random prize drawings that included: Fleet Feet $10 gift certificates, Fleet Feet nutrition items, and free race entries.
  • Discussions and possibly other items

Food:Thanks to the help from our participants, here is the food the was present at the awards ceremony.
  • Some types of snacks
  • Fruit or vegetable assortment
  • Pastries.
  • Bagels with turkey and pork.
  • Soda, Juice, and Beer.
  • Vegetarian quinoa salad
  • Tortilla chips and salsa
  • Cheese and sausage
  • Cookies
You can see the relative size of the awards below. All trophies have the recipients name engraved in them!

MARS 2008 Awards Size

The following people are the standard awards winners. Please see the rules section for the awards scoring. The special award winners are not shown below, and will be revealed at the awards ceremony.

Female DivisionMale Division
F 10-14
Danielle Harris1st
F 20-29
Robin Forbes-Lorman1st
Katie Mouzakis2nd
Jess Manier3rd
Emily Jaehnig4th
Hannah Tuson5th
Kara Larson6th
F 30-39
Tiffany Pelanek1st
Wendy Miller2nd
Charlotte Reddeman3rd
Erin Williams4th
Mindi Giftos5th
Anita Sundstrom6th
F 40-49
Tracy Sedgwick1st
Cindy Boyd2nd
Ann Heaslett3rd
Clarisse Ethridge4th
Pamela Van Brocklin5th
Betsy Taamallah6th
F 50-59
Janet HagenOverall Female
MaryAnne Hinkes1st
Karen Smith2nd
Kristine Guderyon-Goetz3rd
Nancy Wiegand4th
F 60-69
Karen Arne1st
F 70-79
Beverly Lampe1st
M 5-9
Christopher Bartholomew1st
Kendall Sedgwick2nd
Kyle Sedgwick3rd
Zachary Roberts4th
M 10-14
Zach Lammers1st
Riley Boyce2nd
M 15-19
David Hose1st
M 20-29
Jadrien Deibler1st
Jonathan Schiemann2nd
Matt Cook3rd
Joe Binder4th
Christopher Schiemann5th
Matthew De Witt6th
M 30-39
Ronald Mexico1st
Scott Jones2nd
Brian Kaye3rd
Erik Hendrickson4th
Jeffrey Price5th
Ryan Griessmeyer6th
M 40-49
Dana BartholomewOverall Male
Bill Gilmore1st
Bruce Thoms2nd
Patrick Rollins3rd
Brian Sedgwick4th
Jeff Storch5th
Barry Seifert6th
M 50-59
Alarik Rosenlund1st
Tom Berg2nd
Billy Maybee3rd
Sam Scaletta4th
Cary Segall5th
Tom Curran6th
M 60-69
John Schultz1st
Bob Lee2nd
M 70-79
Phil Gokey1st

Registration for 2009 will be open near December.

Awards for 2007

The Awards ceremony will be held at Fleet Feet Sports at 8440 Old Sauk Road on Wednesday November 28th 7:15PM. MARS people who have completed three or more races are welcome.

What will be offered this year:
  • Fleet Feet Sports Madison and Big Apple Bagels of Sun Prairie will be helping us again with with awards, door prizes, snacks, and beverages. Thanks to our sponsors for helping to make the cermonies better for another year!
  • The top three people of each age group who participated in at least three events and had the most points within their top 12 races will be awarded trophies once again!
Awards for 2006

The 2006 awards ceremony will be on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at 7:15 pm, at Fleet Feet Sports Madison, located at 8440 Old Sauk Road, Madison.

Even if you are not receiving an award, please come for the good company, food and drinks, and a chance to win a door prize. We will also discuss MARS for 2007.

We are happy to report that the MARS has over 140 active participants as of today, and interest continues to grow.

Our desire is to make MARS better, and we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

We hope that you enjoyed participating in the 2006 Madison Area Running Series. The year is now over and we are beginning to plan for 2007, the 4th year of the series.

Awards for 2005
Our year end ceremony will be at Fleet Feet Sports store at 8440 Old Sauk Road, on Wednesday Nov. 16, 2005 at 7 pm.

Providing awards to our top MAFS athletes is our sponsor Fleet Feet Sports Madison (a new running store in the area).
  • The overall female and male will recieve Brooks running shoes
  • The top male and female in each age group will receive coupons or prizes.
Also, Big Apple Bagels of Sun Prairie generous support will go towards awards and food for the year end ceremony. This will specifically include 1st place trophies, sandwitch pieces, bagels, and drinks.

Participants showing in the last three races will be entered into a drawing once for each race that they participated. The drawing will include $10 to $15 cash prizes, and Fleet Feet certificates.
Awards for 2004

There will be a year-end ceremony for the first annual MAFS in recognition of the participants. The ceremony will be on Nov. 17, 2004 at 7:00 pm at 744 Heartland Trail, Madison, WI. For more information and direcitons visit the news section.

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